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Best Kept Plot Competition 2019

Download of Best Kept Plot competition rules

The Society's annual Best Kept Allotment competition is fast approaching. Plot selection took place over the weekend of 15/16th June and the judging onSaturday 29th June.



The winner receives the Furze Trophy and £25.



How many plots are selected for judging?


• A maximum of 3 plots will be chosen from each of the five main allotment sites.


N.B. Holme Road and Gamston Bridge are taken as one site.


• Full plots and half-plots are all eligible for selection.


• There is also a section for new plot holders in 2019. This will result in a prize for Best Endeavour for


the newcomers on each of the five sites. The Best Endeavour awards are decided by the site Trustee.



How are plots selected?


• A combination of the site Trustee and a WBRHS committee member will select the sites to be judged. They will try to select the sites that have a wide range of plant and/or fruit growth, in good condition and are reasonably tidy.


• The plot holders will be contacted soon after the 16th June to confirm they are happy to have their plot entered.


• The plot holders then have two weeks to “tidy/weed/prettify” their plot to get it in to tip-top condition for judging.



What is the judging criteria?


• All selected plot will be marked out of 300, divided between the following areas:


◦ Quality of crops 100


◦ Condition of plot 60


◦ Good gardening skills 50


◦ Continuity of cropping 25


◦ Layout and planting 25


◦ Regime overall 25


◦ Cleanliness and finish 20


◦ Composting facilities 20



The judges are local to Nottingham but have no connection to either the Horticultural Society or the West Bridgford Allotment Holders group and are, therefore, impartial and independent.



This year's results coming soon!


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